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Veal and beef in
consistent quality


Deco line

ProViande is a specialist in processing of beef and veal. We offer an extensive product range.
Both fresh and frozen, and from carcasses and technical parts to portioned meat products.



Any specific wishes? Let us know and we will provide you with the best veal and/or beef.

Vision & Mission


We ensure the most suitable breeds and suppliers. We also ensure a 100% transparent service.

Family business


ProViande is part of the Van Rooi Group. A family business with a long tradition. Delve into the history here.

Limousin cattle


The Limousin cattle from ProViande graze in selected nature areas, where they enjoy maximal peace and space.



ProViande has an export license for food transport within and outside Europe.



ProViande works in accordance with animal welfare standards and strict hygiene regulations (BRC)

Eating calfs



ProViande processes rosé veal in various cuts. All calves are purchased directly from regional farmers and are slaughtered and processed in-house.

Outdoor grazing limousin cows



ProViande processes, among others, Limousin cattle that graze in nature areas in Brabant and Limburg. Here, they enjoy maximal peace and space, with delicious and tender beef as a fantastic result.

Temperatures of meat



To guarantee the quality of our products and processes 24/7, we work according to the requirements and guidelines of various comprehensive quality systems.

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