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The Van Rooi Group has various types of meat to offer. With a variety of companies and locations we can meet all demands. Regardless whether you are looking for pork, beef or veal. And whether you are looking for whole, half or quarter carcasses or if you would like to have portioned (convenience) meat products. Besides that, the Van Rooi Group has locations in Serbia (Belgrade), Montenegro and Cyprus. A short tour along our locations and specialties:

Building Van Rooi Group

Van Rooi Meat

Over 10,000 pigs arrive daily to be slaughtered in our Helmond site. With the opening of our new production facility, Van Rooi has increased its production capacity to around fourteen to fifteen thousand pigs a day. The deboning of hams, shoulders and bellies also takes place in Helmond. The location has a separate line for the production of bacon as well. After the first distribution, Van Rooi transports the various components to customers in the national retail, meat industry, meat products industry, and wholesale. Because the transport is mainly in-house, Van Rooi Meat is able to determine the planning, keep costs in control and direct towards sustainable transport.


Trailer with pigs

Livestock Trade M.A. van Rooi.

Livestock Trade M.A. van Rooi in Lieshout mainly supplies piglets and sows. The livestock trade also ensures a continuous supply of pigs for the slaughterhouse in Helmond. Together with the buyers, Martien and Addy Van Rooi visit farmers to talk with them. Not only to secure the supply, but also to establish and strengthen relationships with their suppliers. From the location in Lieshout, Van Rooi also exports piglets, sows and pigs to various countries within Europe. This can be done directly from the farmer or from the export assembly point.


Packaged bulk beef

ProViande beef and veal

Proviande offers high-quality beef and veal. In consultation with the customer, we look for the most suitable varieties and suppliers. In the Netherlands, but also abroad. At the Someren site, the meat is processed into various quality products, from ribeye to T-bone steak. With the Beter Leven program, Proviande guarantees high-quality beef and veal with consistent quality.


Packaging of meat

ProViande Retail

ProViande specializes in pre-packaging of meat products. Like soup balls, minced meat, steaks, pork chops, bacon, steak and steaks, but also specialties such as skewers, meatloaf, oven dishes and platers of meat for barbecue or gourmet. In addition to regional specialties, ProViande also packs organic meat. Because this specialised company constantly responds to new trends and developments – such as easier preparation, lean products and salt reduction – it distinguishes itself with a wide, innovative product range.


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