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Vision and mission

ProViande produces sustainable, good, affordable, and honest meat, which is mainly sourced regionally. In the spirit of ‘farm to fork’, we constantly strive to lower environmental impact, reduce our transport movements, and promote fresh and healthy food products. By working with the Beter Leven program and according to the requirements and guidelines of various comprehensive quality systems, we guarantee consistently high-quality beef and veal. At our site in Someren, the meat is processed into various quality products. Both fresh and frozen and from carcasses and technical parts to portioned meat products.

In consultation with our customers, we always look for the most suitable breeds and suppliers. In the Netherlands, but also abroad. Additionally, we regularly visit our farmers to stay up-to-date of what is going on in the market and to inform farmers about any internal developments. Questions are always answered proactively. Our quality department visits the farmers once a year, also discussing any (upcoming) changes in the regulations, and the consequences for them.

Photo Van Rooi

We regularly invite buyers for a company visit and / or a visit to our farmers. In that way, our clients get a clear insight of where their meat comes from and how it is processed. In this way we ensure a 100% transparent service.

Eating calfs


ProViande processes rosé veal in various cuts. Both fresh and frozen and from carcasses and technical parts to portioned meat products. All calves are purchased directly from regional farmers…

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